Sept. 28th Opening & Workshops – Sept. 29th Conference

Trusted Open Data Ecosystems

Look into RegTech future and discuss 10+ years horizon

Integrated global financial, capital and insurance markets using trusted and accessible digital data. Open standards, technologies and methodologies enabling transparent and efficient business environments. Interconnnected data ecosystems supervised by resilient mechanisms.

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Granular or aggregated data? CRD IV, Solvency II, BCBS 239, IFRS, BSI-MIR, AnaCredit, MMSR, SHS. PSD2, MiFIR, EMIR, AIFMD, integrated reporting, FATCA and many more.. Data challenges across regulations and frameworks.


Blockchain, DLT, OpenAPI, reporting platforms, machine learning, big data, SDMX, XBRL, ISO20022, JSON, YAML, taxonomies, ontologies, dictionaries, BI systems, network analysis and more.. Technology empowering smart data and efficient regulation.


Global financial data networks, sharing data meaning, harmonising competing data regulations, connecting standards, identifiers, technologies and market infrastructures. Achieving global trusted financial DataSphere.


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